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A Letter from Lynne
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February 7, 2017, 10:25 AM

You're busy!

My life is a series of calendar events.  I was reminded of this yesterday when my husband, a pilot for Southwest Airlines, was working on his schedule bid for March. He asked me to go through my calendar and tell him what I had on it that he needed to consider when bidding. When I got through, he said, “You’re busy.” And I had to agree. But, I wouldn’t know what to do if I wasn’t. Every date on my calendar is representative of a group or cause that I care about deeply enough to give my time.


Last Saturday, I had the joy of spending my day at our annual Sing-a-Rainbow. I thank each woman that came to participate and every speaker that shared their cause –with passion and often, heartfelt tears- for the ones they represent and serve. Hearing about the challenges of teenage and single moms, the research being done to improve outcomes for babies and their mothers, and the work being done locally to support, disciple and simply embrace with Christian love women, children, and youth was a blessing. We thank Vicki Berry, from South District, for her music. We thank Ben, from Acton UMW for ably manning the audio-visual booth. He made what could have been a techno-fiasco run very smoothly. And we thank our wonderful Acton UMW for their gracious service as our hostesses.


Next up on our Conference UMW calendar is our Spiritual Growth Retreat at Arrowhead Camp and Retreat Center. The planning team is in high gear working on music, mission projects and the message about “Living Water.” Our leader for the retreat, Rev. Debra Crumpton is preparing three sessions for two days that will help us focus on keeping our buckets full of that living water.  I hope you will join us.

The camp houses about 120. It would be wonderful to fill the bunks!

See a flyer for the event here

And register at

Or call Becky Brown, our registrar at 817-948-3097.


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