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We hope that you are all staying safe this month and that you are finding ways to be in communication with others. As we navigate this difficult time together, we hope that you will continue to find ways to be advocates and we hope that we can continue to hold each other accountable.

Everywhere I am hearing about how school districts in Texas are providing curriculum and learning aids for parents who have turned their homes into learning environments. Even if you are not a student, as United Methodist Women, we should always be seeking to learn more. During our time of keeping safe in our homes, there is an opportunity to complete advocacy “homework.” I don’t encourage a steady diet of news streams about COVID-19 from the news channels, streaming online or social media. I think that feeds despair and fear and we serve a God of hope and love who urges us not to fear. I do hope you are listening to credible sources and are aware of the policies currently affecting healthcare and income inequality - policies that Texas United Methodist Women continue to advocate around.

While observing the recommendations to stay home and physically distant from others, there is still much we can do to advocate for the legislative issues we decided upon at the Legislative Event in January.  Texas Impact makes it easy for us. They have a page dedicated to resources and suggestions of ways we can act from the safety of our lazy boy recliners. I encourage you to regularly visit https://texasimpact.org/coronavirus/ to see ways we as women of faith can influence our legislators during this time in hopes of making policy changes that benefit all for the future.

If you follow the link to Texas Impact Coronavirus page some of the information you will see is:

"This week, we have two Action Alert items. As Anne Dunkelberg (Associate Director of the Center for Public Policy Priorities) mentioned on the March 26 Weekly Witness, this is not a time for “political gotcha,” but a time for Texans of faith to be in conversation with elected officials about how we can keep Texans safe and healthy. Lawmakers need to hear from constituents, so please review the alerts below, make your calls and let us know how they went by completing an engagement report.”

  1. Contact your state representatives to recommend that Governor Abbott take state actions to improve access to testing and treatment in Texas.  There is a link on the page to see talking points to Recommended State Actions to Improve Access to COVID-19 Testing and Treatment. (a link to talking points is provided).
  2. Contact DHS and Congress to ask that all non-violent immigrants be released from immigration detention centers for the safety of us all.   Join Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON), San Antonio in affirming that it is in the best interest of all Texans for all immigrants to be with family during this pandemic - not locked away in immigration detention or stuck in make-shift refugee camps in Mexico.  Yesterday, leading voices in public health, faith, law enforcement and agriculture urged the Trump administration and Congress to take commonsense actions to address the COVID-19 pandemic. One action requested to safeguard public health was to release all nonviolent detainees - allowing them to self-isolate or to be with family."

Please be accountable for all the ways you are advocating, Click here to go to the Engagement Reporting Form. We want to show our appreciation for all you are doing.

An  Opportunity To  Partner

As we recommit to fighting for racial and economic justice, we  are calling on policymakers to lead with wisdom and compassion, to acknowledge and confront longstanding and shameful issues of racial and economic injustice while taking action to address the growing rates of hunger and hardship.


At the very least, Congress must immediately boost SNAP benefits to ensure that all Americans can feed themselves and their families with dignity and choice. Please join us by:













All over Texas last weekend, clergy prayed, protested, and preached about how our scriptures and traditions lead us toward racial justice. Texas Impact staff gathered on Zoom on Monday to discuss how best to amplify the powerful messages we are hearing. 


If we were in a different time, it would be harder to assemble all those sermons and prayers in one place. But COVID-19 has led us to a space where worship is on Facebook and sermons are on YouTube. We hope you’ll watch this short video featuring just a few of the sermons Texas clergy preached last weekend—and then we hope you’ll visit our website and check out the links to dozens and dozens more. We’ll keep adding to our library, so please feel free to send links to videos of sermons, litanies, meditations, readings, and songs you think we should include.

Witness for Racial Justice

See Texas Impact's Witness for Racial Justice Page for Racial Justice Videos

Our website this week features a post by Kathy Green on hunger and racism, as well as an update by Sarah Cruz on the imminent US Supreme Court ruling on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the outlook for the nearly 700,000 DACA recipients currently living in the U.S. 

A lot of you are asking Texas Impact how to take effective policy action to end systems of injustice and oppression. We are grateful for the leadership of former President Barack Obama at this particular moment. We especially value his nuts-and-bolts approach to policy. We resonate with his assessment that law enforcement policy is driven at the local level. We encourage you to read President Obama’s plainly written, insightful guidance on working for law enforcement reform and community policing, and to watch the YouTube recording of his townhall on reimagining policing earlier this week. Texas Impact is developing Texas-specific resources to help you implement the strategies outlined in The Leadership Conference Education Fund’s advocacy toolkit on community policing. We’ll let you know as soon as those resources are available. 


We are so heartened by the emails, calls, and other communications from members across the state letting us know about the work you are doing. You are strong and courageous. Thank you for your leadership. Please let us know how we can support you.



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