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A Letter from Lynne
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February 16, 2015, 11:01 AM


February is a great month for telling family and friends that we love and appreciate them. I hope you will take this opportunity to let them know what they mean to you. One of my daily devotions today ended with the fourth verse of “Saviour, Like a Shepherd Lead Us.” “Early let us seek Thy favor, Early let us do Thy will; Blessed Lord and only Saviour, With Thy love our bosoms fill. Blessed Jesus, Blessed Jesus! Thou hast loved us, love us still. Blessed Jesus, Blessed Jesus! Thou hast loved us, love us still.” Remember who loves you and let us follow that example and express our love for others.

Wednesday I participated in a Healthy Family Healthy Planet conference call. I learned that United Methodist Women has done such a terrific job preparing Birthing Kits that UMCOR now has an abundance of them and has asked us to focus on other UMCOR kits such as health kits and school kits. I know our local UMW group was planning on making birthing kits to be ready to take when we go to Sager Brown in June, but we will change our focus and prepare one of the other kits that are listed on the UMCOR website. I hope you will take this into consideration as you plan “hands on” mission activities.  Also, I believe there is still space available if you want to join us on the CTC UMW Mission Trip to UMCOR Sager-Brown June 28 – July 2. Please contact Cynthia Rives if you are interested.

Another happening this February is the beginning of Lent on February 18. Our church has an Ash Wednesday Service to help set the focus during these 40 days before Easter on the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope you will take time to meditate during Lent on spiritual matters that are important to you. It’s a great time to increase our prayer and Bible study time. I’ll keep you in my prayers as each of you plans and makes time for your spiritual practices.  Many people give up something for Lent and others take on new projects or activities such as writing notes of appreciation to former teachers, pastors, co-workers, family and friends.

Sing-a-Rainbow is just around the corner, February 21, at First UMC of Burleson. If you have not registered, please do so now and encourage your friends to register also. This is so there will be seating and enough handouts for everyone. Register at The UMW at Burleson and I will greatly appreciate it.

Lastly, thanks to those of you who have helped to make our website up to date with photos and information about upcoming events. Know that Karla, our webmaster, works full time and is taking graduate courses at Wesleyan. So after you send her something give her 3 to 5 days to incorporate it into our website. Your patience will be greatly appreciated.

I send you blessings for a wonderful and eventful February.

Linda Hutchings, CTC UMW President.

January 12, 2015, 4:22 PM

Blessings for a New Year

The New Year 2015 has begun with all the planning, excitement, and hope we invest in any new endeavor. The beginning of each New Year is one I cherish. It’s so much fun to fill out my calendar and look forward to what the year has in store. I always hope to be better organized, eat less, practice spiritual disciplines more faithfully and to foster and enjoy each and every relationship as we build a strong community of believers as United Methodist Women. I trust each of you had a blessed Advent and Christmas and are looking forward to a wonderful New Year. I know the district and conference leadership teams are ready to assist you in any way possible. They have planned great events for 2015.

January 25-27 is the UMW Legislative Event in Austin. Cynthia Rives is providing leadership for this informative and educational forum. You will learn so much and the speakers and presenters are most excellent. This past year we were surprised by an ice storm on the last day but we’re planning for sunshine this year. Register now if you haven’t already. I hope to see many of you in Austin.

February can also bring snow or ice, but this year on February 21 we are looking for sunny skies as we travel to First UMC in Burleson for our annual “Sing-a-Rainbow” Racial Charter Event. We are blessed this year to have Janis Rosheuvel from UMW National whose area of expertise is Racial Justice. Janis assisted in the planning of Sing-a-Rainbow with the LDD attendees in St. Louis in November. I hope you will be present to meet this young woman and to take part in the discussion. Also, you know we are always looking for ways to raise money for our pledge to mission so please bring something for the silent auction. In addition remember to bring food for lunch that will nourish the heart and soul of those attending. As always UMW resources will be available.

March isn’t that far away so we can already begin to look forward to the CTC UMW Spiritual Growth Retreat at Lakeview Camp and Conference Center March 27-28. The Rev. Jo Biggerstaff, a retired United Methodist Deacon from North Texas Conference, will be our leader. The theme is “Formed in the Spirit…Transforming the World Through Acts of Justice and Mercy.” Our big meeting room will be the same as last year in the building with the dining hall. That room will also house the UMW resources, silent auction and snacks. I am already excited about March. My sisters will get to accompany me to this event and the Legislative Event. So be sure to ask your family and friends also. A time of spiritual renewal is always something to look forward to.

I can’t close without saying thank you to all who helped bring cookies and assisted in other ways at the United Community Centers ACT III party Dec. 9. Everyone had a terrific time. Thanks also for all you do in the name of Christ to make the world a more loving and kind community.

Blessings, Grace and Peace.

Linda Hutchings, CTC UMW President

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October 29, 2014, 2:00 PM

CTC UMW McCurdy Mission Trip

Saturday, Oct 18, 11 missioners from Central Texas Conference returned from a full weeks mission trip to McCurdy Ministries, a United Methodist National Mission Institution, in Espanola NM. Their mission is “to share the love of God through education and mission.” A school began in the Espanola Valley in 1912 by a United Brethren deaconess. The first missionaries were teachers, nurses and preachers. Over the last 100 years they have established the first medical clinic, the first nursing program, the first and only hospital now in Espanola, the first recreation program and the first fire department, while educating thousands of children in the Espanola Valley.


In August of 2012 the McCurdy School became the McCurdy Charter School relating directly to the New Mexico Public Education Department serving over 534 children in Kindergarten through 12th grade. McCurdy Ministries continue the United Methodist mission work through the Preschool, Project Carino (a mental health ministry), before and after school care, Camp Stars (a summer camp that combines the best of VBS and education), breakfast and lunch service and Volunteers in Mission.


We enjoyed a week of cool fall weather and Christian fellowship along with thought-provoking devotions. We were also privileged to assist with:

cleaning the grounds          trimming bushes                 pulling weeds

fence repair                           mowing the football field   moving shelves

moving gift items                  teaching music                     doing laundry

making posters                     data entry                              hauling brush

after-school care                   washing lunch trays           serving lunch & breakfast

trimming hundreds of box tops for education and Campbell’s labels

wrapping air conditioners and water coolers for winter  weed-eating

assisting in the Pre-Kindergarten                                     sweeping

shredding paper for the Pre-school                                  picking up trash.


We also had two afternoons free to explore cliff dwellings, scenic views, Santa Fe and local Mexican restaurants. In each restaurant we met people who had been educated at McCurdy. You can see photos of the McCurdy trip at We returned with full hearts, new friends in Christ and a great appreciation of the mission work of the United Methodist Way as we put our faith, hope and love in action.


Enjoy the family celebrations of fall. Remember to attend the UMW District Leadership Development Events in your district and begin planning for a wonderful, creative and exciting 2015 in mission and United Methodist Women.


Stay safe and Live in Christ.

Linda Hutchings

CTC UMW President

September 15, 2014, 2:15 PM

Life is Fragile, Handle with Prayer

“Life Is Fragile, Handle with Prayer.”

We’ve all heard this saying and it certainly is true. We never know what tomorrow will bring but we do know in whose hands we are held. This week my husband casually mentioned he was having chest pains. He’s told me this before, but not being a nurse, I assumed it was indigestion or sore muscles from heavy lifting because he normally doesn’t mention it again. Well, this Monday, August 11, we were working on organizing packets of school supplies at the Crowley House of Hope when he mentioned the chest pains. One of the volunteers assisting was a nurse. She took him next door to the clinic to take his blood pressure. Then he had an EKG and the next thing you know he was in the emergency room for a few hours where he was diagnosed with A-fib. The next day we went to see his heart Doctor and his heart was beating regularly. We showed him the EKG from the day before and now he’s taking a blood thinner. Billy needs a test that must be approved by the insurance company. So we wait and pray. Life is fragile and we do handle it with prayer. I tell you this to remind you to tell those you love and care about that you love and appreciate them.

Many of you currently and next year will serve as an officer in your local, district or in the conference United Methodist Women. Thank goodness for all your faithful years of service and for those yet to come. How we appreciate all you do to help improve the lives of women, children and youth worldwide. Know that district and conference officers are all local United Methodist Women just like you. Be bold, step out on faith and count on God for guidance when you are asked to accept an office. I have confidence in you. You can do it and you’ll love it! Tell the Nominations Committee of your local, district or the conference you’d like to serve. It will make their day. Also, remember to invite and encourage women of all ages to join you at the next UMW event - even offer to pick them up. Remember they may be just waiting for an invitation to attend.

A few weeks ago Susan Torpy, North District Social Action Coordinator, represented the CTC UMW at a press conference, along with other religious leaders and UMW, organized by the Allied Communities of Tarrant in Fort Worth. She had the opportunity to express our support of the children crossing the border seeking a better life. There was a photo of them in a prayer circle in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram the very next day. (See her expressions of support and faith elsewhere in this newsletter.)

Mission isn’t our middle name but it certainly is a big part of the Purpose of UMW. CTC UMW planned two mission trips this year. In June one group led by Cynthia Rives went to Cookson Hills, OK. They accomplished much and had a terrific time.  Another mission trip is planned for Oct. 12 – 17 to McCurdy Ministries in Espanola, NM. Christie Roberts is organizing this trip. Please collect the Campbell’s Soup Labels for Education and the Box Tops for Education as well as school supplies or cash to be taken to McCurdy.

The CTC UMW Annual Autumn Gathering is Oct. 4 at Trinity UMC in Arlington. Be sure to register online. Barbara Greene has an exciting and enriching day planned for us. The Conference Leadership Event for District Officers will be Oct. 3 beginning at 5:30pm with dinner. I hope all current and incoming district officers will attend. Be sure to let your district president know of your intentions. A great evening has been planned for you.

Thanks to everyone who supported, helped organize and attended the Mission u events this year. The studies were meaningful and informative. The study leaders were well prepared. The UMW of the host churches, First UMC of Temple and Genesis UMC in Fort Worth, were gracious hostesses and made us feel welcome and at home. And Glen Lake Camp, as always, was a terrific experience.  

God bless each of you and remember I always thank God for you. Keep up the great work!


Grace and Peace,

Linda Hutchings

CTC UMW President

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July 9, 2014, 4:58 PM

It's Summer in Texas!

It’s summer in Texas and that means temperatures will soar soon to 100. What else does that mean? Vacation, yes, but also lots of opportunities for growth and service for Central Texas United Methodist Women.  North District UMW is hosting Christmas in July, Monday, July 14, at 7pm at Joshua UMC. It’s a fundraiser for United Community Centers. There will be family entertainment, refreshments, fellowship and a collection of items UCC needs at this time of year. Things like paper products, gallon cans of fruits and vegetables, books and games for the Summer Enrichment program at each center, white uniform tops for elementary students, disposable diapers, hygiene items, school supplies, like glue, notebook paper, construction paper, markers, pens and pencils. Plus any of the Mission Sparks items that your district is collecting.

An exciting opportunity for young women ages 18 to 28 is the Real and Relevant Retreat at Still Water Lodge in Glen Rose beginning the evening of July 25 and continuing Saturday, July 26. The retreat has been well planned with guest speakers and information and activities especially for young women. If you know a young college-age woman, please tell her about the retreat and ask her to register at or at There’s only one more week to register and the registration fee is $85. Encourage her to attend by giving her a scholarship. Both of you will be blessed.

Mission u is right around the corner. There are 3 locations this year and the weekday sessions offer day and night classes. The studies are great! I’ve already read all 3 study books and you will love them. The studies are How Is It With Your Soul, The Church and People with Disabilities and The Roma of Europe, which will be offered only at Glen Lake.  The first session of Mission u is at First UMC of Temple, August 5th and 6th. The Fort Worth Mission u is at Genesis UMC August 6th and 7th. Mission u is also offered in the camp setting at Glen Lake Camp August 9th and 10th. The youth study will be presented here only. Children’s studies will be offered both at Genesis and Glen Lake.  Be sure to register online at Remember a silent auction is also held at each event to raise money for missions.

Remember the August deadlines for so many things – Reading Program Participants, Mission Today forms including the studies, Burning of the Candle, Five-Star Giver forms, the third quarterly pledge and the Mission Sparks items for United Community Centers, especially any uniform tops or bottoms.

I hope each of you have a wonderful summer. Rejuvenate and revitalize. Be safe. Stay cool and connected to your family, friends, UMW and church.



Linda Hutchings

CTC UMW President

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