A Letter from Lynne
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September 10, 2012, 4:27 PM

Mission McCurdy 2012

Mission McCurdy 2012 is history and what a memorable time it was!  We got to meet many godly people giving their lives to the mission of Jesus Christ in the Espanola Valley in New Mexico. Espanola has a high percentage of people living in poverty and the highest rate of heron death in the country.

We came during a time of transition because the school is now a charter school with the state and the mission ministries are working alongside the school doing the preschool, afterschool program, a mental health program, etc.  It is hard to change, and it was our privilege to help them with the work that was needed to make some of the needed changes. Please keep McCurdy Mission in your prayers and remember they would love to have your soup labels and box tops.

Next year’s mission trip is to Sager Brown (the UMCOR Depot) in Baldwin, LA June 16-22, 2013. Let me know if you want your name on the list!



September 10, 2012, 2:09 PM

Greetings from McCurdy Mission Trip

Greetings from McCurdy Mission in Espanola, NM. Fifteen of us are having a wonderful experience working with the staff atf the mission. We have missionners working in the kitchen, on computers,in the, offices, on the yards, and more.We are staying  very busy!
It is. very beautiful.  Each morning I love walking to breaklfast because the view of the Jemez mountains is such a blessing.
 I love to do mission trips. One Important reason is we have time to be together and get to know one  another,
It's such.wonderful gift!
Hope you can come ext year to Sager Brown.

August 25, 2012, 10:46 PM

Praying for our children and youth as school starts


It’s school time!

I’m praying for all the students, teachers, and staff who are going back to school on Monday.  It is an exciting time of year.  It’s a time when many children need help. How is your local United Methodist Women group supporting children in your community?  Hopefully, you’re involved in helping children in several ways.  As advocates for woman, children, and youth, we need to be looking for meaningful ways to help children and youth and continue to be faithful to those missions we are already involved in.  Whether it’s donating school supplies, mentoring and tutoring students, providing Backpack Buddies weekend food supplements, for example, you’re support is important. Keep up the good work!

 If God has been speaking to you about starting something new, please know, I’m cheering you on. Get out there and do it!  Be not afraid, God is with you.  I pray United Methodist Women around the conference will be leaders in their churches and communities.  We don’t have to do it all, but sometimes if we step up and say, “Let’s do this!” there are others who want to help.

Please join me in lifting up our children and youth and those who work with them, that our kids- and remember all children are our children- will be blessed by a supportive and caring community. God is calling us to do what we can to make it so.



August 3, 2012, 10:22 AM

Central Texas Conference UMW members are "Limitless"!



This weekend Central Texas Conference United Methodist Women are being represented at the national young women's UMW event "Limitless" at Duke University by 6 amazing young women.  Please pray for them as they make this journey and experience the "limitless" possibilities of life in mission through United Methodist Women. 

I'm looking forward to hearing from them upon their return and will make sure you get in on the "juicy" details!

Representing us as mentor of the group is Hailey Austin from FUMC Stephenville, and the young women representatives are Amy Burdette from Aborlawn, Rachel Parsons from Grace UMC, Karla Rodriguez, Karen Moreno, and Deysi Moreno from El Buen Samaritano.  We are blessed to have them there.  I know they are be blessed to be a blessing.


July 12, 2012, 10:53 PM

Cynthia's Sharing July 2012

Cynthia's Sharing July 2012


                                                     I Love School of Christian Mission!

I love School of Christian Mission, but I didn’t go to one until I moved to Texas.  I had been in UMW for about 15 years, but I’d never found the time or money to go.  I really regret that because I missed so much.  But the good news is I haven’t missed many since then.  I love really taking time to study a subject whether it is the Bible, an issue, or geographic study.  I love discussing the topics with my teachers and classmates.  I love learning the new songs.  I love really thinking, praying, growing, and changing! So if you haven’t registered yet, please do so right away!!  I bet you’ll love it just like me!

The good news is at regional school at McMurry we found out that the studies are great and the new songs you will learn are super.  One song touched me so much that at the end I had to stop singing to keep from crying.  When I turned around to pick up my purse I saw the lady behind me just crying away and wiping her eyes.  I was glad to know she was as touched by those words and melody as I was! I can’t wait to sing it again and learn it so I can share it and keep it in my heart.

The lower price is still in effect - no late charge.  If you have any questions, please give me a call (254-592-1510). 

Hope and pray you will make time for School of Christian Mission.  Come join me!  You just might love it too!!!

School of Christian Mission July 23-28

It’s time to register for School of Christian Mission! 

There are four different opportunities:

 Evening Class at Fort Worth FUMC

 Weekday Classes at Fort Worth FUMC

Evening Class at Temple FUMC

  Weekend Classes at Temple FUMC


The studies are: Haiti, Poverty, and Immigration in the Bible. You can do one class during the evening school and two during the daytime schools.  At the daytime school, classes will be taught on one day.  For example, if you sign up for Poverty and Immigration in the Bible at the Fort Worth School, you will go to the Poverty class on Tuesday and then on Wednesday you will go to Immigration in the Bible. The registration form is on-line at our Central Texas Conference UMW website- ctcumw.org.


South Central Jurisdiction

 Quadrennial Meeting in Abilene

Thanks go to all who attended the big meeting in Abilene in June.  I am very proud to be your president! 


We were well represented and we even got to celebrate the election of one of our very own - Cindy Damon who was elected and installed as a member of the jurisdiction Committee on Nominations.  Congratulations Cindy!!


Our banner made especially for this event by Lorene Tomblin from Temple FUMC  and it is just beautiful.  We will share it with you at our Annual Autumn Gathering in Temple on October 6th.


We got to hear speeches by both the head of UMW, Harriett Olson and our National President, Inelda Gonzales (who is from our jurisdiction.)  The Bible Study led by Rev. Dr. Dorothy Watson-Tatum on Saturday was challenging, memorable, and fun! The banquet on Saturday evening was great - good food, cheerful Western music, and lots of visiting.  I even saw some “Cotton-eyed Joe” lines going around the room! But my favorite thing at all the meetings I attended was making new friends and getting to be with my “old” friends, too.  That’s the “silver and gold,” as the song goes.


We elected 4 women to serve on the Board of Directors for the national UMW.  Yvette Richards (some of you will remember her from last year at the Annual Autumn Gathering in Brownwood), Karon Mann, Becky Thompson, and Stacie Hawkins.  Recently, Yvette was elected president of the Board and Becky -  Secretary.  They are making us proud here in the South Central Jurisdiction. Please remember them in prayer as they take on this important work.


Limitless:  Redefine Tomorrow

 The United Methodist Women are sponsoring Limitless: Redefine Tomorrow, an event for teens and young women being held at Duke University, August 2-5, 2012.  We have 6 young women attending: Mentor - Hailey Austin and attendees Karla Rodriguez, Amy Burdette, Rachel Parsons, Deysi Moreno, and Karen Moreno.

Please keep these young women is your prayers.  May this experience be a blessing to them and may they return to the Central Texas Conference excited about mission and UMW.


UMW Sunday Resources

Thanks to Aurora Cepeda, we have some new UMW resources to share. Attached to this email is a call to worship, a litany, sending forth, hymn suggestions, and ideas on how to make it a special day. We give thanks for Aurora who prepared this material to help us make UMW Sunday a blessing for our local churches.


We need 4 more People for McCurdy!

Mission Trips for the CTC UMW


The CTC UMW has a mission trip scheduled for this fall.  Get out your calendars and mark the dates.  We are going to McCurdy Mission School in Espanola, New Mexico September 3-8.

It is time to register for the McCurdy trip now. The trip is open to everyone. The cost is $300 and registrar Lynne DeChairo is happy to break up the total cost in payments to help make it easier financially.  We leave on Labor Day Monday, September 3 and return Saturday, September 8. I think it will be beautiful weather at that time of the year.

The registration form is attached.  Please join me on this adventure in mission! 


Be a Five Star Giver!

Let’s all get one of new 5 Star Giver pins! This new award is to recognize those individuals who contribute to all five channels of undesignated missions giving: Pledge, Gift to Mission cards, Gift in Memory cards, Special Mission Recognition (SMR – pins) and World Thank Offering. 

Five-Star Givers will receive a pin that signifies she (or he) has given to the 5 channels of mission giving as described below and has submits a completed form. The form is attached. Let's all be Five-Star Givers this year! Deadline is August 15.


Five-Star Giver gives to all five channels of giving:


$40 to give someone special a Special Mission Recognition Pin

$ 5 Pledge to Mission

$ 5 Gift to Mission

$ 5 Special Recognition in Memory

$ 5 World Thank Offering

$60 Total


2012 Healthy Families, Healthy Planet Advocacy Colloquiums

(We will be hosting this event October 31 - November 2.  Please apply if you feel called to be an advocate for maternal health throughout the world.  The application is attached.  Note the deadline is July 15.)


The Project Started in 2010. The Healthy Families, Healthy Planet project, an initiative of The United Methodist General Board of Church & Society, works to mobilize U.S. United Methodists on the importance of maternal health and international family planning. Through grassroots education with targeted annual conferences and advocacy efforts with policy makers, the goal of the initiative is to achieve higher levels of foreign aid for international family planning through the U.S. government.

Why family planning? Every 90 seconds somewhere in the world a woman dies from complications during pregnancy or childbirth. More than 215 million women desire to practice healthy birth spacing, but they lack access to the information and services that would empower them to do so. Family planning is critical to saving the lives of women and their children, and creating sustainable families and communities.

The Training In response to God’s call to care for the least of these, the Healthy Families, Healthy Planet advocacy colloquium is designed to bring together advocates from target Annual Conferences to mobilize for a healthier world for mothers and their children. We are excited to be hosting two colloquiums in 2012:

               September 26-28, 2012, West Ohio Conference Center, Columbus, OH

               October 31-November 2, 2012: Central Texas Conference Center, Fort Worth

All people of faith in the continental United States are eligible for participation. An application can be found at the end of this document. Participants will be selected based on interest and willingness to serve as local advocates for the project.  Members from target United Methodist Annual Conferences will be given priority. There are no costs to attend. Travel, lodging, meals, and materials will be paid by the project.

To apply: Fill out the application at the bottom of this document and return to Katey Zeh (kzeh@umc-gbcs.org) by July 15, 2012.

The Goals Together with health professionals, policy makers, and grassroots organizers, advocates will:

  1. Learn the statistics and stories of global maternal health, maternal mortality, and the unmet need for family planning worldwide;
  2. Explore the intersections of maternal health and other justice issues;
  3. Build skills in faith-based grassroots and legislative advocacy;
  4. Brainstorm advocacy strategies to mobilize their local communities.


It’s Time to Get in Those Reports!!!

 August 15 will be here before you can turn around, I promise!  I have attached the Mission Today, Burning of the Candle, and 5 Star Giver.  The Reading Program report form is on the website ctcumw.org. Please make some time to get these reports in on time!

Put it on your calendar-

40th CTC UMW Annual Autumn Gathering

Temple FUMC  Saturday, October 6

Guest Speaker Jerri Savuto

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